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So, everyone has one of these, so I think it would be convinient to have one as well! At least this way people know what mess they're getting themselves into! :D -shot- XD

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Voice Post

With so many people from different places on the flist, here is a challenge for everyone who speaks another language besides English. :D Choose a language you know, and do mention the following in a voice post!

1. Name
2. Life status (in school (high school? uni?), working, etc)
3. Brief future plans (this can be anything from IDK WHAT I WANT TO DO AFTER GRADUATING to I WANT PIE FOR DINNER TOMORROW)
4. Short message to the flist (this can literally be anything)
5. Say "i love you!"
6. Favourite colour
7. Count to ten
8. Favourite/random word (and tell us the meaning in English!)
9. Date and time
10. The challenge: tongue twister! this can be English, if it absolutely has to be, but another language is preferable.

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Why has this day gone from bad to worse?

My nephew just died.

What the heck?


I just came home from the hospital with my father to see the baby.

He didn't look dead, he looked like he was sleeping, just sleeping soundly in his mother's arms.

How can someone be so fucking stupid!? Fucking to give medicine to a newborn baby! A newborn baby for goodness sakes! Who in their fucking right mind gives over the counter medicine to a newborn baby!?!!

It wasn't my cousin, welfare services recommended this woman to her and she had left her child there this morning. According to everyone the baby was smiling, laughing, alive and happy.

Apparently the woman taking care of the child left the home to run some errands and left the child in the care of her sister. The baby woke up and wouldn't stop crying so she decides that its easy to just give medicine to the baby.

The baby was poisoned. The medicine had a bad reaction within the baby.

My cousin who picked up the baby and his older sister is traumatized. She held the baby as it was dying.

This is horrible. How could this happen. I still hear Lleya's desprate screams. "Mi bebe! Mi bebe! Mi cacheton! Que te hicieron? Que te hicieron!"

And his baptism. This is horrible...I can't take it. I'm going now.
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